LED Knuckle Glove, à la Ozzy Osbourne
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A TinyLily controller powers this popular glove project

LED Knuckle Glove, à la Ozzy Osbourne

by Open Source Hardware Group on opensourcehardwaregroup.com

Half-Inch LED Cube
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Half-Inch LED Cube: Arduino controlled 3x3x3 with SMD LEDs!

Smart ID
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Full instructions

This project is a base for the Smart ID project which will feature 4D Systems' 3.2" gen4-HMI display modules.

LoRa Electric Bicycle Rental Tracking System
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Work in progress

Track the location and routes of Quikbyke electric-assist bicycles using LoRa GPS nodes and gateways.

Getting Started - TinyShield Gyro
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Full instructions

Learn how to use the TinyCircuits Gyroscope TinyShield

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