This Wireling lets you display text and images via a 0.69" OLED Display! This 96x16 pixel screen features white pixels on a black background and is controlled via the I²C bus. 

The screen uses an internal boost converter to achieve the higher voltages required to drive the screen, so there's no additional external hardware required!


ER-OLED0.69-1W Specs

  • 96x16 pixel resolution 
  • 0.69" size 
  • White Monochrome
  • Internal boost converter 
  • I²C Interface 

TinyDuino Power Requirements

  • Voltage: 3.0V - 5.5V 

Pins Used

  • A5/SCL - I2C Serial Clock line
  • A4/SDA - I2C Serial Data line


  • 27mm x 9mm (1.06 inches x 0.355 inches)
  • Max Height (from lower bottom of Wireling to upper top Wireling Connector): 5.00mm (0.197 inches)
  • Weight: 1 gram (.04 ounces)


You can also use this shield without the TinyDuino – by clipping the connector off the opposite end and soldering the wires to another board, you can use it with the microcontroller or dev board of your choosing!

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