Wirelings use a 5 Pin Cable in order to make our platform plug-and-play so that you can build fast without soldering or using messy breadboards. These cables come in lengths of 50mm, 100mm, and 200mm and a variety of quantities. 

These cables can be cut and used to solder other components so that they can be easily used with all of the Wireling Platform.


  • Power: Two wires are used for power (3V3) and ground (GND) in order to power the connected Wireling (of course!) 
  •  Communication: Many Wirelings use I²C, a serial communication protocol that uses two other wires for SDA and SCL to collect complex data like temperature readings.
  •  Analog Pin: The fifth wire is connected to an Analog pin for Wireling that just need an I/O pin to function, like the Momentary Button, and the RGB LEDs.

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